005 | Hold on, you’re almost there

I’m down for the last two weeks before this semester ends!!! Can you believe that? It has been such a crazy rollercoaster ride. It had gotten really stressful since the first week of this month. Due dates for term papers, projects, and quizzes/exams are coming in full speed. The days in this month are usually fast. I just realize that it’s already the 12th of May. Wow!

This semester is different because of the pandemic. All classes are moved online. At first I thought that it will be easier for me to deal with this because I have an experience taking an online class. In fact, I usually take one online class every semester. However, I am wrong. Taking all your classes online is an entirely different story especially if you have Math or Physics classes. That’s the only thing I am worried about. My initial reaction was “How are we going to take Physics online?” My professor told us in advance that he’s not going to do live or recorded lectures. He will only assign readings from the textbook and homeworks and one problem quiz per chapter that is good for 12 minutes. I found a way to get through that by watching Youtube videos. I find it more helpful than just reading the textbook because I usually get sleepy haha it’s too long. Although I read novels that are longer than this, it’s different. Again, I thought it will be easier because I can check my notes and all the word problems I have solved, but then I was wrong. When you’re already there 12 minutes will gone by fast and you will not have time to browse your notes. Now, we are down to two more quizzes and we are done. These are going to be intense and I bet I’ll be sweating more 😅 Wish me luck!

Throwback to a photo of me when I’m still planning for the whole semester during quarantine 😅

So far, I am already done with my Art and Psychology classes. At first, I was complaining about the early due dates of term papers, last quizzes, and last essays. However, I’ve come to realize that it’s a blessing. I’m grateful that it pushed me to finish those early because now, I only have to worry about the other classes that are left. I’m relieved that my unending to-dos are slowly getting ticked off one by one. I only have one more project due this week and a few more quizzes from my other classes and I’m done. This semester is very challenging. The workload seemed to have doubled up by taking everything online. I am super stressed right now, but after looking back at all the projects and things that I have already done, I am motivated to keep pushing. Hold on, we’re almost there.

To tell you honestly, what made it even more stressful is that I had a lot of downtimes since this quarantine started and most days, I am not productive. I also got distracted from watching a Korean drama (well, it’s manageable haha) at some point and what took most of my time is when I downloaded Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on my phone. In just 2 to 3 days, I’m already on level 20 and that’s when I realized that April is already about to end which means I have a lot of deadlines coming up. So I got frustrated and deleted the game. After a few days, I regret doing it and tried downloading the app again, only to find that my progress wasn’t saved which, I think, is a blessing in disguise because if it was saved, I will be playing it again and I might not meet my deadlines. 😅

This post is all over the place, but I just want to share this journey. This is a tough semester and I am glad that it’s almost coming to an end.

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